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My Holiday

After Rifqi and Fariz introduction each other in hospital, now they be a really good friend even bestfriend. Now they are meeting again after school in front of SMAN 3 and 5 Bandung on jl. Belitung. They are talking about what their plan in next December holiday. R          : ”Hi Fariz!! I’m so sorry I come late” F          : ”It doesn’t matter, I was in here in 5 minutes ago.” R          : ”How was your school??” F          : ”Just like always, I have very much homework and test. How about you?” R          : ”Me too, hahaha. Oh yeah Fariz, When will we have a holiday?” F          : ”Maybe we have a same holiday, about in the beginning of December.” R          : ”Wow its nice, so it just about 2 weeks later, right??” F          : ”Yes you are right, I am very excited and I can’t wait it again.”  R          : ”Yes me too, By the way what will you in next holiday?” F          : ”I don’t know. You know I’m from Majalengka, maybe I will come back to my born city, and play with my old friends.” Rifq…

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